Foundation Board

The Naismith Basketball Foundation board is currently made up of 5 members.  The board is responsible for the stewardship of the Foundation which includes directing all activities of the Naismith Basketball Foundation.  Current members include (2018-2019):

The Strategic Priorities of the Foundation Board are:

  1. The Foundation’s collection of archival material and digital photographs will be inventoried and catalogued.
  2. A new website for the Naismith Foundation will be developed and maintained.
  3. More volunteers will be recruited to fill positions as Board members, committee members and to support projects or special events.
  4. The Foundation’s Bylaws will be updated by October 2014 in order to comply with the requirements of the Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act.
  5. The Foundation will seek to increase the funding it receives (from government, the private sector and through fundraising) in order to undertake projects and expand Foundation activities.
  6. The agreement between the Foundation and the MVCA for the Naismith museum at the Mill of Kintail will be renewed by April 2015.

*link to Naismith Foundation Bylaws -Approved Nov 20, 2015

* links to AGM minutes